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More than 7,500 Ministries February 16 2014

Updated November 2015 —We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who has embraced the new Safety & Security Guidebook. We are honored that churches are allowing us into their communities to help them protect their people, property, and ministries.

One of the most gratifying parts of sharing this resource has been the feedback we’ve received from readers. We’ve talked with people who have extensive experience in church safety and security programs, and we’ve talked with people who are just getting started with small groups of ushers and elders.

The comments have been overwhelmingly positive, and I know none of us will forget the first time we heard from a caller: “We’re going through chapter by chapter.” Knowing that something you’ve created is really helping ministries can take your breath away.

To date, we have distributed more than 7,500 kits to churches and ministries across the country. Churches with 200 members and churches with 2000 members and more, in both rural and metropolitan areas, now have this resource.

We hope you will find this resource is valuable to your ministry. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and comments at:

Lisa Grote, Editor
Safety and Security Guidebook

Every Church Needs a Safety and Security Ministry April 28 2011

A child is taken from a Sunday school class by her non-custodial parent. A church secretary is beaten during a robbery at the church office. A woman suffers a heart attack during a church funeral service.

When you hear of such tragedies, do you wonder what would happen if the same thing occurred at your church? If your church doesn’t have a safety and security program in place, you are among the many that are unprepared to respond. And being unprepared is no longer an option.

That’s why we’ve created the Church Safety & Security Guidebook. We want churches to have the tools and resources they need to help keep their people safe while ministering to the community.