“This is a great product, and we have used it extensively in our church as we are going about determining possible vulnerabilities and ways to harden them. Your question sets are well stated and thought out, allowing our folks to think through their status. It has been a great experience. While our church is in a safe location, and we are in a smaller town, our pastor wanted us to take a hard look at what we are doing, and this product has been most valuable.”
Neill Robins
Anastasia Baptist Church, St. Augustine, Florida

“[The guidebook] provides a place to start and build from when forming a team. The step-by-step sections and the wide range of topics help generate ideas and bring things to mind that were not previously thought of. The book is broken down into easily digestible portions of information. The real life examples that are given in the book are eye opening and present thought provoking scenarios.”
Mark Eaton, Pastor
Porterfield Baptist Church, Little Hocking, Ohio

“Security is an ongoing, continually changing thing. If you look back ten years ago, most places would never have even thought of having a security person in a building or a church or an office place. It just didn't happen. After 911 and other events, it's all changed. So, I love this book. What a great place to find all the basics for church in one place. It seems like everybody had bits and pieces, but nobody had the complete collection, especially from a church's perspective. To have this is a huge asset. And it will be well used by churches.”
Dan Kretsinger, Director of Facilities
Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“This guidebook will give churches the tools to start a security ministry. God calls us to shepherd those He entrusts us to care for. So often as pastors we only focus on one or two areas. I believe providing a safe place to worship is an important area that we cannot afford to neglect. In addition to providing a safe place, we need to provide a place that's as free from distractions as well. In doing so, the church family can focus on worship and spiritual growth. For me, the most useful component is the 'Take Five Minutes' that are in each chapter. This is what enables the reader to evaluate each aspect in regard to their own church. It's not just a generic concept, they can take the topics and apply them to where they are that day, in their church.”
Kevin Robertson, Safety and Security Manager
Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California

“I wish I would have had this when I started...It is a tool that can be used as an outline to help guide your thinking as you navigate such a complex issue. By going through the guidebook you can get things implemented faster, can reduce liability for your organization and can help with communication with other churches.”
Cody Blocker, C.P.S., Director of Security
Lincoln Berean Church, Lincoln, Nebraska

“I believe that churches are at risk for safety and security issues. The main reason is that churches, more than many other institutions, have to deal with violence from a variety of
 different categories. Some of the categories are: avengers, domestic violence, child perpetrators, robbers and thieves, hate crimes, as well as random violence. This resource book provides churches and their staff a quick guide for dealing with all aspects of church safety and security including developing a response team, preparing for all hazards, development of safety protocols, creating a practical response plan.”
Dr. John Nicoletti, Clinical and Police Psychologist
Nicoletti-Flater Associates, Lakewood, Colorado

“If you’ve never built a house before, and you had a pile of lumber and no directions, where would you start? Obviously, the place you start is with the foundation. And if you don’t have a good foundation to build something on, it's going to fail. This resource tells people, ‘Yes, you can do it. And this is how you do it.’”
Dale Nelson, Manager of Grounds and Public Safety
Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota