Take 5: Forming a Team

Do you have 5 minutes?

Try these ideas for making the most of your micro moments:

  • Scan the crowd. Who are the potential, stand-out candidates for your safety and security ministry? Do any law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, or doctors attend your church?
  • Watch your back. Does your ministry ask potential employees and volunteers to complete a consent form before you conduct a criminal history check? If not, photocopy the forms on pages 183 and 184 and modify them for your use.
  • Call the Red Cross. Learn what courses your local chapter of the American Red Cross offers. Find out how much it would cost to teach volunteers first aid or CPR skills.
  • Locate your app. Find your ministry’s current job application form. Compare it with the sample safety and security team application form on pages 179 and 180. Will it need modification?
  • Look for training materials. What materials can you find online or at your local library about such topics as dealing with difficult people, providing first aid, diffusing volatile situations, or improving safety? Make a note of titles that you could recommend to the person in charge of training.