Take 5: Creating a Plan

Do you have 5 minutes?

Try these ideas for making the most of your micro moments:

  • Dig up docs. Pull out a copy of your church’s current emergency plan for review later. Locate copies of other ministry policies related to safety or security, such as your rules for dropping off and picking up children from the nursery.
  • Think about communication. What would be the best way to tell your congregation about the safety and security plans you’re developing? A bulletin announcement? Preview from the pulpit? Brief on the church website?
  • Drill down to the basics. When was the last time your church staged a fire drill? When would be a good time to schedule one?
  • What would you use? What’s the best way to communicate emergency procedures to the people who need them? Imagine that you’re an usher, a Sunday school teacher, a nursery worker, or a parking lot attendant. Would you be more likely to use a three-ring binder? A flip-chart by the telephone? A laminated card in your pocket?
  • Identify a spokesperson. If only one person could represent your church to the media, who would it be? If that person were unavailable, who would be the next best representative?